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    I am looking for suggestions on how others would braille the attached coordinate plane activity. The student will receive both a blank grid page and the attached completed document showing the answer. How do you handle a coordinate plan where there are too many grid boxes to fit on one braille page? Right now I am considering more than one braille page as the only option. This student uses UEB for math.

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    I would suggest doing each quadrant as a separate braille page.

    I don’t think this picture will mean anything to a braille reader anyway and larger quadrants would allow the student to still complete the activity…




    Yes, this is a difficult exercise for the braille user to get satisfaction from. Even a tactile graphic of the line drawing of Snoopy the cartoon dog holding up a piece of paper with A+ written on it would probably be mostly meaningless.

    I agree with Cindi that presenting each quadrant on a separate braille page would allow the student to complete the activity and thus prove their understanding of coordinate points on the plane. [The only alternative to that I can think of is using a poster-board-sized piece of paper for the whole coordinate plane, which would be rather spectacular and really bulky/involved.]

    Thank you for sharing the challenge and your thoughts!




    Thank you Cindi & Kyle  🙂  I have been leaning that direction with separate pages. I agree that I do not think the picture will have meaning to the student. I also considered something like Kyle mentioned on poster board. However, as you mentioned it would take up a considerable amount of space. I appreciate hearing both of your thoughts!

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