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    Ask the Expert,

    According to Nemeth Code Placement of the Switch Indicators

    Rule 2.5.1 Keep Together If Possible: …. switch indicators should appear on the same line as the expression if the expression and two indicators will fit on one braille line.

    And Rule 2.5.1a If two or more expressions are brailled between the same code switch indicators, the line may wrap at the space between the expressions even if the entire Nemeth Code portion could fit on one line.

    In the enclosed example, is it better to push the opening Nemeth Code indicator down to the same line as the Nemeth Closing indicator or is the example shown considered to be a wrapped expression?

    Thank You,

    Mark A. Brodka

    Grafton Braille Service Center

    Please see attached pdf example

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    It would be better to keep the opening switch indicator on a braille line with >25] .k #5 and also to keep the Nemeth Code terminator on a braille line with the separate expression #5@*5 .k #25

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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