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    I've been trying to understand the wording for directions/instructions in Nemeth. I see that "the last line of an instruction and the first line of a problem to which it applies must be on the same braille page." Does this mean that instructions could start on line 25 as long as at least one line continued on the next braille page with the following problem? Or is the spirit really to mean that the entire instruction would be moved to the next braille page?

    Also, I can't find anything in Nemeth specifically about the format for questions with multiple answer choices. Does this fall under "itemized material with main divisions and subdivisions"? Braille Formats 10.1.6.a says "Question and answer choices should appear on a single page whenever space permits, regardless of the amount of blank space resulting on a page." Does this BF guideline apply at all?



    You are correct in your understanding that at least one line of the directions must appear on the same braille page as the exercise that follows. Whether you move one line of the directions to the next page, or the entire direction paragraph, is really up to you. There is no requirement that the whole direction paragraph is moved to the next page. If you are taking the Nemeth test, follow the rules.

    The BF guideline about keeping questions and answers together does apply to Nemeth transcriptions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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