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    Debbie Winsett

    I would like to verify what the Nemeth Factorial Symbol is.

    In looking at the Nemeth Code for Mathematics and Science Notation under Rule VI, Section 44 Exclamation Point: It says that the exclamation point is represented by the same sign of ink print as the factorial sign. The context is usually sufficiently clear in regard to this distinction so that the possibility of doubt in choosing the proper symbol is small.

    I may be misunderstanding what it is saying but I believe it means to use the normal exclamation point dots 2,3,5 as the Factorial Symbol.

    However I have found 3 other references that say the Nemeth Factorial Exclamation point should be written as Dots 1,2,3,4,6.

    I want to verify that I am doing this correctly for my student. If you could please reply back to I would very much appreciate it. As my student needs this information for early  next week, April 29, 2004.

    thank you so much,






    In print the symbol for factorial is the exclamation point. In braille it is dots 12346.


    Lindy Walton

    I would like to add that a subtlety in the Nemeth code narrative is that the word "sign" is used for the print character and "symbol" is used for the braille character. Keeping this in mind may help you as you read the rules.

    - Lindy

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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