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    Brian Richwine

    I need to know how to use Nemeth Braille to express tensor notation such as:  (capital R followed by a subscript i, followed by a superscript j, followed by a subscript k, and followed by a subscript l - where each subscript and superscript is in its own horizontal spacing). Note that it is different than (capital R subscript i superscript j subscript k subscript l - where the both the superscript j and the subscript i are positioned next to the letter R; the j being vertically above the i).

    The 1972 Nemeth Braille Code for Mathematics and Science Notation does not cover tensor indices notation (sometimes referred to as abstract index notation or slot-naming index notation). Visually it involves having a letter at base followed by zero or more pairs of vertically-aligned subscripts and superscripts where the horizontal spacing matters. Each pair of a subscript and superscript is like a matrix entry and some of them may be blank. Without indication of the spacing, location information is lost.

    The above example of tensor indices notation can be found in the second example under section Examples for Tensor Indices in the MathML3 spec: R_i{}^j{}_k{}_l Here is a direct link to the image of that example as I'm not sure that a pasted in image works here. For those familiar with LaTeX or MathML, the code for that example is:

    LaTeX: R_i{}^j{}_k{}_l
    <pre class="mathml"><math>
    <mi> R </mi>
    <mi> i </mi>
    <mi> j </mi>
    <mi> k </mi>
    <mi> l </mi>
    Any help is greatly appreciated!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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