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    Fred Van Ackeren

    Hi Kyle,

    I have 4 questions as outlined in the attached document.

    Q1 first example, concerns an indented bullet list in an exercise.
    second example, same problem but with letters.
    Q2 all levels of print indention with  same margin in braille.
    Q3 binomial coefficient
    Q4 labeled statements

    For Qs 1-2 I used the rule in the Nemeth Code book, p.195, at the bottom, b.(ii) Subdivision numbers or letters, regardless of depth, must begin in cell 3.  Could bullets be added to "numbers or letters"? With the same rule applied to Q2 an example on p.197 (code book) is shown, where items a & b have the same margin as items (i) & (ii).

    Thanks, Fred

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    Thank you for the questions, Fred. Please see below for responses and the attached BRF for examples.

    1. A list (in which each item has a bullet) within an exercise is a good candidate for formatting according to Braille Formats 2016. So, either it gets formatted as you did in your first example (1-3 with a blank line before and after) or, in a less word-for-word interpretation of BF2016, it gets formatted as literary displayed material (with an adjusted left margin two cells to the right of the preceding material's runover and blank lines before and after).
      • If the list is subitems, then it must be formatted in 3-5, according (as you said) to Nemeth Code §191 (including update to wording from 2012), pp. 193 & 195. I would need more context around your examples to know for sure, but it certainly seems to be a list and not subitems.
      • The last sentence in BF §9.2.2 can help us choose the best layout: "The goal is to provide clarity and readability while reinforcing the distinction from the surrounding text."
    2. A list (in which each item has an identifier) within an exercise is likely subitems and so must be transcribed in 3-5.
    3. Transcription of a binomial coefficient has a specific Nemeth Code rule. See §90, which says, "The two expressions which constitute a binomial coefficient must be separated by the directly-under indicator. The expression which follows the opening parenthesis and precedes the directly-under indicator corresponds to the upper sign in the binomial coefficient; the expression which follows the directly-under indicator and precedes the closing parenthesis corresponds to the lower sign of the binomial coefficient." So, the binomial coefficient with n as the upper sign and k as the lower sign must be transcribed
      ⠸ ⠩ ⠀⠷⠝⠩⠅⠾ ⠀⠸⠱ The parentheses are not brailled as enlarged signs of grouping.
    4.  Neither of the verbal descriptions in your last example is a label, and neither should be transcribed within Nemeth Code switch indicators. ( "n choose k" and "number of combinations of n things taken k at a time")

    Again, thank you for the questions.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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