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    LaVerne Blaasse

    I have been questioned concerning how I do not put a space between opening nemeth and UEB parenthesis, if you could please clear my thinking up I would appreciate it.


    1. (2+2 = 4 and this is the full answer.)

    2. (This is the full answer: 2+2 = 4)

    Would I put a space after the UEB opening parenthesis before the opening nemeth indicator for Ex. 1.?

    For Ex. 2 I would put 2+2 = 4 space close nemeth (no space) and the closing parenthesis, no space between the closing nemeth and closing parenthesis.

    Thank you so much!




    A blank cell must always follow an opening Nemeth Code indicator, and a blank cell must always precede a Nemeth Code terminator; these blank cells do not represent any space in print. The spaces in print are transcribed separately.

    So, the appropriate transcriptions for your examples are:



    where the opening parentheses are not followed by a print space, and the closing parentheses are not preceded by a print space.

    Sometimes it helps me to think of the Nemeth switch indicators as three-cell symbols:

    • opening Nemeth Code indicator: 456, 146, BlankCell
    • Nemeth Code terminator: BlankCell, 456, 156

    Thank you for your question! Please do let us know if you have follow-up concerns.

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    LaVerne Blaasse

    Thank you!!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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