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    Chris Clemens

    Hello I have a text book which is being transcribed in Nemeth with secondary CBC.
    I understand when to use CBC vs Nemeth, but am confused when they appear on the same line or equation. In following example of algorithm 3 (page attached) the symbol := indicates to me that CBC is needed but then how do I handle for following Nemeth Half floor brackets? Would I transcribe m := in cbc and the rest using Nemeth with begin and end Nemeth symbols??

    Thank you,


    Hi Rose,
    This is challenging stuff you are working on!
    My understanding is that if your primary code is Nemeth, then you would indicate where you are where you begin and end Computer Braille Code. Since you have indicated the end of Computer Braille Code, the logical assumption is that you have returned to the primary code, and there is therefore no need to use the begin and end Nemeth Code indicators. I think that pg 39 of the Computer Braille Code Revised 2000, is referring to when the primary code is English Braille.
    Hope this helps,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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