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    Dragica Miletic

    Hello everyone!

    NFB has recently updated and uploaded their Nemeth (within UEB) lessons, and there is a change in the carried number indicator. It is now referred to as a regrouping indicator (Section 9.24), and there are two variants, one for numbers above the arrangement (first cell dots 126 before a series of 2356 dots), and one for numbers below the arrangement (first cell dots 146). I could not find any BANA update that would support this change, so I am hesitant about using these new indicators. Is there any pending update that would define this change? What would you suggest about applying these indicators in current transcription projects?


    Thank you,


    Lindy Walton

    The new Nemeth lesson manual reflects the upcoming changes to the 2022 revision of the Nemeth code book. Although the new code book has not yet been published, the new rules and symbols have been incorporated into the lessons.

    As a current certified transcriber producing Nemeth materials, you should use the indicators and methods from the 1972 Nemeth Code (and the Updates and the Guidance document) until the new code is published.

    Dragica Miletic

    Thank you so much for your reply!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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