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    Hello Cindi,

    I need clarification on whether or not to use transcriber's note indicators around the volume indicator in the Table of contents.

    According to the Formats and UEB (Part 1) Principles of Print to Braille, 2016 at the conference presented by you October 2016 page 16. In the example and explanation, we need to use TN symbols.

    In the new Braille Formats Principles of Print-to-Braille Transcription, 2016 Pre-Pubplication Release, Section 2.10.9 did not mention anything about using the TN symbols and in the fllowing examples page 2-34 to 2-53 none of these examples used TN symbols neither.

    Thank you very much


    This is an already identified error in BF 2016.  The rule is stated in 2.10.3b and the samples are all incorrect as the tn indicators did not get inserted.  This will be corrected before the final version is published.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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