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    Jason Wilson

    Please explain to me how to apply RUEB 7.6.5 in light of 7.6.6. I think I'm failing to see how the the latter doesn't negate the former.

    My "working understanding" is to follow 7.6.5 when nondirectional single quotation marks are used as inner quotation marks, but to follow 7.6.6 in all other instances.

    Jason Wilson

    Actually, I see my error. I was misreading "single quotation marks" to mean single braille cell quotation marks.

    Thanks to Jonathan Carson for showing me this.

    Jonathan Carson

    No problem, whatsoever, Jason. (And thanks for the mention 🙂 ). It would be a rare occurrence for a single quotation mark to appear nondirectional to a print reader/transcriber. Thus, excepting uber-rare occurrences, apostrophes are apostrophes and single (directional) quotation marks are single (directional) quotation marks.


    Thanks for handling this for me!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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