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    In the UEB Guildelines for Technical Materials, on page 48, fifth from the bottom of the page, there is a "not" sign shown.

    In the APH UEB Math Tutorial, Lesson 10.3, Examples 1 and 2 specifically display the difference between the "not" sign and the single tilde line, as they pertain to transcription of material.

    I have been unable to find in my Nemeth reference material a translation for the print "not" sign.

    Throughout the APH Nemeth Tutorial, there are occasions where the print "not" sign is shown in either examples or exercises.   The single tilde (4, 156) is how both of these print symbols are translated in the simbraille display. I am trying to determine if this is an error, or not.

    Is there a "not" sign equivalent to the print in Nemeth, and if so, where can I find it in Green Nemeth Braille Code Manual or Yellow Nemeth Manual?

    Would appreciate any guidance everyone can share.



    Ooof! Good question. I do not find a Nemeth Code symbol assigned to "not" when it is represented in print by a "line horizontal, then down at right."

    Lindy Walton

    The "not" sign is not in the original Nemeth Code. This negation sign is common and has been under discussion in the BANA Nemeth committee. Perhaps a new symbol will be proposed. In the meantime, the advice I have received is that the transcriber should devise a symbol that is in keeping with usage, and to explain in a transcriber's note. In this case, I suggest a 2-cell "dot 4" symbol since the more common symbol of ~p (tilde p) is a dot-4 symbol. Note that, listed in Appendix B of the Nemeth Code, there are 71 symbols beginning with a dot 4 so choose your symbol carefully since you cannot use one which already has a meaning. As luck would have it, (4, 1456) is available! I suggest using that.




    Good morning,

    Thank you for your guidance. For the assignment at hand, I agree using the (4, 1456) for the print "not" symbol  is the best option.

    Peace, K

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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