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    I am confused about the numbers on the axis lines of a line graph. The graph I have has both negative and positive numbers (with plus signs). The code being used is Nemeth.

    According to, number signs are supposed to be used on graphs. I got that. Then says that the first digit of the number should be aligned with the grid line and if there is a minus sign, it should be to the left of the grid line.

    The first problem I have is that says to use number signs without any exceptions. However, Nemeth rules do not allow number signs to be used in conjunction with plus signs. I am assuming that positive numbers would still not get the number signs as directed in Nemeth rules. Is that correct?

    If the number signs for positive numbers are omitted, would dots 123 of the plus sign be aligned with the grid lines or should the plus sign be to the left of the grid line just like the negative sign?

    Thank you for your time.

    Participant is referring to the numbers which are values along the axis line -- those that label the ticks -- specifically on line graphs. Since a line graph is usually the upper right quadrant (6.6.4) there would not be negative values.
    Please provide a scan of the example in question, so that we can determine whether it is a Cartesian graph or a line graph. is referring to lines on a Cartesian graph and in is says that the numeric indicator is [u]not[/u] used on Cartesian graphs regardles of whether they are transcribed in literary or Nemeth code.
    Many transcribers get confused over the differences between a line graph and a Cartesian graph. Hopefully when you provide a scan, we will be able to clarify the intent of the Guidelines.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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