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    Hello Cindi

    I am looking for a rule that address this print format:

    Number Cube Tosses

    Toss Sum Toss Sum Toss Sum
    1 2 11 6 21 7
    ... ... ... ... ... ...

    10 8 20 8 30 12

    My question is: Can I transcribe as in print (3 sets of date across- 10 rows each. 2 blank cells in between)? or it has to be in 1 set (1-30)

    Thank you very much



    I'm not sure I am seeing this correctly...but I'm think you have a total of 30 tosses (with their sums) in three columns across the print page.  There is no specific rule that says you should keep three columns (or do them in 1), but I would transcribe them in one column so that the relationship between the tosses can be seen more easily by a braille reader.  But that is just my opinion.



    Thanks, Cindi. You are right. I had them lined up in columns, but after I submitted they were all messed up. I am glad you understood. Since there is no specific rule about it, I will transcribe them in 2 sets (15 tosses each) because I want to keep them in one braille page.

    Thanks again.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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