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    Susan Baker

    Hello!  I am noticing what I think is a discrepancy between the guidelines given in the Guidance for Transcription Using the NC within UEB Contexts document and the guidelines given in the Provisional Instruction  for Nemeth Code Transcribers course manual.

    The Guidance document says the opening NC indicator may be placed at the end of text before the spatial material.  And “If there is not room on the line with the preceding text, the opening Nemeth Code indicator is placed in cell 1 on a line by itself and followed by the requisite blank line.”

    However in the Provisional Instruction Manual at the end of section 10.37 following the examples, it says “The opening  switch indicator is placed in the runover position for instructions (cell 3) because it will not fit at the end of the previous line.”

    What are your suggestions as to where to put this indicator in the case where it will not fit on the line following instructions? Thank you very much!

    Susan Baker




    I would suggest following the Guidance to the letter, thus putting the opening NC indicator on a line by itself in cell 1.

    Aaand, would you be giving the braille reader inaccurate information if you positioned the opening NC indicator in cell 3? No. So, I would suggest though not *demand* as I said above.

    Thank you for the question!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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