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    Susan Baker

    Hello, I have been given an activity book to transcribe. Though it is a math activity book, the question pertains to the title page, so I think this is the correct forum. If not, let me know and I can re-post in the math forum.

    Section 2.3.4f states "The primary book title is used as the subtitle for the secondary books when the transcriber has the main text and the ancillary books." But suppose one only has the workbook. I want to just verify that not my having the complete set of books to transcribe will change the order of how I present the info on the title page.

    Attached is a scan of the page with the title. "Activity Book" is printed on the spine--nowhere else, so I could not scan that.

    The publisher is K12 (which I would use as part of the title), the title of the book is Math + and the ancillary title is Activity Book. (Grade level is 1).

    So, if I followed 2.3.4f to the letter (because I don't have all the associated books), it would be:

    K12 Math +: 1
    Activity Book

    Thank you!
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    That looks like a good guess. And if that's all the information you have at hand, that's all you can do. I was going to ask how you know it's first grade and then I noticed that big single dot on the cover!

    I agree with your decision here. If I ever get one of these, I'll check with you!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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