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    Chris Clemens

    If the text of a print page ends on line 24 or 25, is it permissible to enter the new print page number on line 1 of the next braille page?


    This is a common-sense situation. The page change indicator with the next print page indicator must be on the line immediately following the last line of print page text. If print page text ends on line 24, the page change indicator would be on line 25. Not good. Nothing to read on that page. The common sense solution is to leave line 25 blank and show the next print page on the next braille page. The new print page number is simply shown in the print page position without a page change indicator because the fact that the new print page number appears on the next braille page for the first time is enough of an indication that a new print page has started.

    If the print page text ends on line 25, where in the world would the next print page number go, except on the next braille page? Again, no page change indicator, just that next print page number in the print page number position.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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