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    I'm transcribing a Psychology book, 99% of the book is purely non-technical. In the Biology chapter there is a page with a few mixed fractions, a page with chemical notation (Na<sup>+</sup>) and a graph with positive and negative numbers. I'm transcribing the fractions in UEB (they're referring to someone's age e.g. 1½ years old) and the chemistry and graph in Nemeth code. Since this would now be a partial-technical work I'm listing the Nemeth symbols on the SSP (under a category heading) under the guidance of NC section 4b (last sentence)

    Do you think this approach is correct? Any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you



    First, thank you for responding so quickly.  Your response has sparked some further discussion and I am being asked to reach out to you for further clarification on this subject matter.

    Our Literary Instructor is asking if he is being told correctly that Literary books containing any type of mathematical and/or technical material (i.e.  2 + 2), is to be enclosed in Nemeth Code and placed on the SSP. He is with the understanding UEB has their own language dealing with mathematical symbols for Literary books.



    You are correct that UEB has a technical code...and that's the better way to go...if you are doing a book in literary, use the UEB symbols.

    Also, as I am thinking, I believe we took that whole "partially technical works" out of the updated formats document as well...which would lend itself to the answer that if the entire book is not done in Nemeth, then the UEB technical materials should be used.

    So thanks for following up...sometimes my quick answers aren't the right ones!

    If you need help transcribing using the UEB technical materials, contact me offline.

    Sorry to be confusing..


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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