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    Chris Clemens


    We have a conflict of opinions which I would appreciate your help with.

    Does MBC section 20.11 (p. 166), which says that all pedal signs must be exactly the same, mean that all pedal markings in the original measure(s) are included in a measure number repeat, or are numerical repeats subject to all the various conditions that the full- and part-measure repeat sign is? For example, would you have to braille a pedal sign before the number sign if the first measure of the numerical repeat starts with pedal?


    Chris Clemens

    As I read it, it says that you cannot use any of the given repeat devices if the pedallings are different in the repeat than in the original. I would extend that to mean that you may use the device if there is no new pedalling indication. I think 20.11 is meant to differentiate these devices from the full and part measure repeats, so I think you would not restate a pedal marking before the number sign or after the number.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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