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    Chris Clemens

    Can you tell me the correct way to do this in Nemeth?
    I have labeled math statements (Theorems) that are sequentially numbered with [u]Roman Numerals[/u], then a [u]period OR decimal point[/u], then [u]numbers[/u].

    [u]Examples below[/u]:
    Theorem XI.12
    Theorem XII.13
    Theorem XII.14

    I'm not sure how to transcribe the

    Thank you very much.

    Chris Clemens

    Another transcriber said she was told to do it this way:

    It's a decimal point and the roman numerals are not individual letters so they are double capped.

    Just wanted to be sure due to the new updates for Nemeth.
    Thank you.


    The Roman numerals are actually numbers, not abbreviations. They are double capped because that's the way we do Roman numerals. I would not insert a dot 5 in this situation since what you've got is numbers (Roman) followed by decimal point and numbers (Arabic).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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