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    Do you need a grade 1 indicator in these examples when the period is used to indicate omission?

    N..  Y..k          Some of us say no because the period is not used as punctuation but to show omission and they are not standing alone anyway.  Others say the N and Y and k are standing alone (as to the stand alone criteria) and should have grade 1 indicators--the period is still punctuation no matter how it's used.

    Another word in the same sentence, d..n    The same arguments for and against using a grade 1 indicator.

    Thank you,

    Candace Richardson


    This is Lesson 15, Sentence 23 of the Exercise.

    N.. Y...      d..n


    As usual, our wonderful leader here in Jacksonville, FL, Lynnette Taylor, found the answer for me.

    The Lesson Manual is incorrect with Drill 37, Sentence 5 and Sentence 23 of the Lesson 15 exercise.

    Drill 37, Sentence 5.    "... say goodbye to S.. D....    ..."       The Drill answer key shows a grade 1 indicator before the S and the D.  This is incorrect, according to the UEB Rules.

    Lynnette directed me to UEB Rules, Section 10.12.13, page 160, Omitted Letters. The section shows several examples of periods used as omission without the grade 1 indicator.

    My thinking was correct, OH Happy Day.

    Thank you anyway. You've helped me previously several times.

    Candace Richardson



    Lynette is correct...and I apologize for the delay in responding.  I am standing in for Julie for a bit and I was out of town and could not get to my code books to double check.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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