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    Fred Van Ackeren

    Hi Dan,

    Attached is a sample page for a phonics book. Formats (20..2.1.a) tells us  to use contractions in a word when the pronunciation of the word is featured. These are simple pronunciations w/o diacritics, stress marks or syllables. Since "spelling" is involved I'm not sure how to transcribe them.

    Q1.  In the title (and elsewhere in text) the letters ch, -tch, th are shown. Then in the box, examples show the letters bolded and underlined. Are these letter combinations contracted or uncontracted?

    Q2. When used in examples as in the box, are these treated the same way as in Q1? Those in the box I've kept the emphasis

    Q3. In the exercises are words in a horizontal format. Are these then treated any differently? I put 2 blank cells between each word. What about when used in a sentence when the word is underlined? as in part B.

    Your opinion will be helpful.

    Thanks, Fred


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    Fred Van Ackeren

    Hey Dan,

    Let me reply to my own post.

    Even though the book is a Phonics book, spelling is featured, that is, certain letters or combinations are emphasized. For this reason I will treat this also as a speller and uncontract/contract where necessary.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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