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    Susan Baker

    Good afternoon!

    I rarely get requests for math/science material to be translated in UEB code, and am still working my way through gaining confidence and competence in this area.  For the list of equations I have been given, would it be appropriate for me to transcribe this as a list, with the "use" indicator followed by the grade 1 passage indicator on the line before the material (and following the list, the "use" indicator with the grade 1 passage terminator), even though not all of these equations individually would use the grade 1 passage indicator in them?

    Thank you.


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    That's a good UEB question.

    Let's see, you're transcribing using only UEB, and you have a series or list of equations, which are going to need a lot of "grade one-ifying," would it be appropriate to put all of them within one big grade 1 passage?

    Yes. It would be appropriate and right to put on the line before the series or list of equations a grade 1 passage indicator (preceded by the dot locator for "use") and to put on the line after the series a grade 1 terminator (preceded by the dot locator for "use").

    When you do this, please keep in mind that even within a grade 1 passage, a grade 1 symbol indicator will still be required before an upper-cell, lowercase letter (a-j) that follows immediately after a number.

    As always, please do let me know if you have follow-up or clarification questions.

    Additionally, you may be interested in NBA's upcoming 4-part webinar on Using UEB in Technical Materials.


    Susan Baker

    Thank you, Kyle, for your helpful answer and in getting back to me so quickly!  And, yes, I did sign up for the upcoming webinar series and am looking forward to it.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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