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    I am proofreading a grade 1 spelling book where many of the activities require the pictures to be described in order to avoid giving away the answer. Based on the Guidelines for Early Educational Materials and BF2016 10.11, I am unclear whether every picture description should be included in transcriber's notes indicators, or just a note before the descriptions such as "Pictures" or "Pictures are described." I see examples where transcriber-added descriptions are not in TN indicators (Math Example 7 in the Guidelines) and some where they are included (examples in BF2016 section 10.11).

    As this is a grade 1 text, if every description is included in the TN indicators, that would be a lot of text to include in the Teacher's Reference Materials and on the TN Page in braille.

    Can you tell me what is preferred? I have attached an example.




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    There is not a "Preference" as is shown with the examples and samples used in the guidelines. The transcriber makes the decision (or the teacher if that is possible) and then consistency is maintained as much as possible. For the example you attached, I would say not to put each description within TN indicators - use the TN before the descriptions. But that is my opinion and is not based on a rule. Either way, be sure the descriptions fit the grade level of the book/reader.

    Keep in mind that one of the purposes of the Teacher's Reference Materials is so that someone who may not know braille can see what the transcriber has done. By keeping the descriptions outside TN indicators (and off the Ref Materials) the teacher/para/parent may not know what you use as descriptions...and then may not be able to easily help the reader if they need help - like a first grader may not know that a "car where riders pay a fare" is a taxi.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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