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    Hello Kyle

    I have a few questions with reference to the following attachment:

    1. Should the numbers be line up to the "right" as suggested in the text and as illustrated in the braille simulation on the bottom of the attachment? Do I neeed a leading guide dot under the thousand colume?
    2. Do they need to be in Nemeth numbers?
    3. Questions 1 and 2 Under Practice: Do these number need to be in Nemeth? If it were a comma instead of a semicolon, should UEB numbers be used?
    4. Question 14: since all choices should be done in Nemeths, should the number "3709" at the end of the question be done in Nemeth also?

    Thank you very much for your help.

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    Thank you for your questions. My replies are below.

    1. The numbers in the table should not be aligned as illustrated in the braille simulation (Thank you for including that). The table should be laid out as usual, with entries aligned left under their respective column headings and guide dots where there is room for a space and two or more guide dots. (The text's reference to aligning "from the right" is talking about aligning ones values, then tens values, then hundreds values, etc. and is not talking about alignment within a place value column.)
    2. The numbers in the table do not need to be in Nemeth Code.
    3. In questions 1 and 2 under Practice, the series of numbers do not need to be in Nemeth Code. They are simple numbers with interior commas, so it is good to keep them in UEB.
    4. The answer choices to question 14, which consist of mathematical expressions that include signs of operation or comparison, should be transcribed altogether in one set of Nemeth switch indicators. The number in the stem of question 14 (3,709) should not be in Nemeth Code.




    Hello, Kyle

    I just want to make sure that we are talking the same thing: My question number 3 above:
    the series of numbers are separated by semicolons not commas. In this case do we need to put them inside the Nemeth switch?




    The numbers being separated by semicolons does not change the fact that they are simple and freestanding with only interior commas, so they do not need to be inside a Nemeth switch.

    Thank you for clarifying.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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