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    Has there been a class on placement of graphics?

    I am in the middle of a highly intensive graphic laden textbook. All graphics are listed on the right side of the page and questions are on the left.  Some questions have an a and b level, some have equations but all have to do with the graphic. Should my graphics be placed before the a and b level questions and the equations or should the graphic come after all of the stuff that has to do with the original question. I am typing a sample
    <ol start="4">

  • △A'B'C' is an image of △ABC.
  • a. How do the x-coordinates of the vertices change?

    b. How do the y-coordinates of the vertices change?

    c. What reflection produces the image?


    1. Leveled Practice Describe a sequence of transformations that maps △EFG to △MNO.
    • A translation _ units left and _ units down, followed by a _ across the _

    Both graphics appear to the right of the questions.

    I hope this is not too confusing.




Hi Susan,

Thank you for your question. As we are preparing a response from the committee, I have been asked if it's possible for you to send a page of the material you are transcribing. If so, will you send it as an attachment?

Cindy Olmstead, Chair
Tactile Graphics Committee

This does not seem to be directly addressed, however, GST 5.1 includes content relevant for consideration.
It will be of primary importance that readers can match questions with diagrams. Based on the description, it may be the case that print readers associate questions and graphics by page layout. Following GSTM 5.1.3, TNs associated with both graphics and question text will be warranted to label and reference graphics in the questions. It will make things less complicated if you place the illustration/diagram after the <i>directions</i> and before the <i>questions</i> and place them spatially; thus allowing the braille reader the opportunity to read the diagram first. "If possible, keep the graphic and questions together."
In a case where there are many graphics associated with one question bank, we suggest that well-labeled graphics appear prior to questions on one or more separate pages. These should be located as close as possible to the associated questions. A TN will likely be required to indicate that the page of graphics relates to questions that follow on subsequent pages, in addition to TNs on individual graphics to facilitate association with specific questions.
We hope this helps.
Tactile Graphics Committee
Cindy Olmstead, Chair
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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