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    I am confused  about new chapters in a Nemeth/EBAE textbook. I couldn't find advice in either the new or old formats.  In the print textbook, each chapter starts on a new page.  In literary books, if a chapter ends in the middle of a page, we skip a line and start the next chapter on the same page.

    Please describe how to format chapters on each of the following:

    Literary EBAE

    Literary UEB

    Textbook EBAE

    Textbook UEB

    UEB/Nemeth textbooks

    EBAE/Nemeth textbooks (this is the one we are most concerned about right now)

    Thanks, Dottie


    There are no rules about is an agency/transcriber decision.  Many agencies I have worked with start new chapters on a new braille page...but not all of them.  And I've never heard any agency make different decisions based on what type of book it is - the agency decision is the same no matter the material being transcribed.

    You mention that in literary books you skip a line and start the new chapter - is that a book where you are not indicating print page numbers with a page change indicator?  There ARE rules about blank lines and the page change indicator - see Appendix C in Braille Formats.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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