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    Mary Mosley

    I have a few questions pertaining to the Provisional Guidance on when to switch from UEB to Nemeth. As can be seen, most of my questions are regarding when to switch within exercises and tests.

    On page 684, question 4, of the print pages I have submitted, would the plotted points be transcribed as enclosed list in Nemeth Mode or in UEB?

    On page 684, question 7, would the list of percents be transcribed in Nemeth or UEB? Provisional Guidance, Additional Guidelines, number 2, says to use Nemeth for such symbols if they occur in nearby math notation. What about in an instance like this?

    On page 685, question 35, would such a simple table have to be transcribed in Nemeth Mode according to Provisional Guidance, Formatting, number 10, or could it be done in UEB so such long headers could be contracted?

    On page 686, question 3, would a list of answer choices consisting of numbers be done in Nemeth or UEB? Or would these be considered as a “mere mention” as stated in Provisional Guidance, Basic Guidance on When to Switch, number 3a?

    On page 686, questions 9 and 11, would the lists of superscripts be done in Nemeth or UEB?

    Should a list of symbols be treated differently than actual expressions and equations? Or are symbols in such lists, as illustrated in the examples above, considered “math notation?”

    Thank you very much for your time.

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    Thank you for your question and your patience.

    Alright then; let's get down to business. Here are responses to your questions, based on my understanding of the Provisional Guidelines:

    p. 684, question 4: Since enclosed lists are specifically provided for in the Nemeth Code, I would say that grid coordinates presented as little enclosed lists should be transcribed in Nemeth mode.

    p. 684, question 7: In order to ensure that you use the same dots for all percent signs throughout the document, I would switch into Nemeth mode for this list of percentages (including the answer choice identifiers A-D).

    p. 685, question 35: Since this table's entries consist only of simple numbers, I believe the whole table can be transcribed in UEB.

    p. 686, question 3: The answer choices that consist only of numbers could be transcribed in UEB.

    p. 686, questions 9 & 11: Superscripts should be presented using Nemeth symbols, not the UEB super- or subscript indicators.

    You might say that "math notation" refers to material that is presented differently in Nemeth Code than it is in UEB. And such material should be transcribed in Nemeth mode whether it appears alone or in the midst of an equation or expression.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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