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    Susan Baker

    In section 15.8d, Partially emphasized numbers, it states:
    When portions of numbers are emphasized in print, a
    termination symbol is used in the same way as it is in words. Note that the termination
    symbol stops the effect of the number indicator as well as the emphasis indicator.

    It then gives examples. The example in question is the first one, copied below.


    However, if I am understanding the above rule, should I see the Numeric Indicator repeated after the termination sign?

    The section ends with the paragraph beginning:
    (Although there is no rule that says a composition sign terminates the effect of a
    number indicator, for clarity, it is recommended that the number indicator be
    repeated in situations where the second number is emphasized.)

    The first part of the sentence makes me unsure of whether the composition sign (the italics) terminates the
    effect of the indicator or not. It sort of contractics the beginning part of 15.8d. Can you help to clarify?
    Thank you,


    Good question. I agree this is a bit confusing.
    There are two separate issues being discussed here.
    First of all, in 9876 the first part of the number is emphasized. If the number indicator is not repeated, this could be read as 98gf.
    The explanation in 15.8d says that the termination indicator also terminates the effect of the number indicator. Then the last paragraph says there is not really a rule that says so and goes on to say repeating the number sign is the recommendation. When something is recommended in the manual, it has been reviewed and discussed with the authorities in great detail. It's important to follow reccomendations like this.
    Then to confuse things a bit more, it appears as if there is an error in the braille example for 9876. The number indicator should be repeated after the termination sign. This correction is being made in the 6th edition.

    The last paragraph also discusses the recommendation for when the last part of the number is being emphasized as in 4347.
    Let's step aside from the wording in the manual for a moment. Dots 46 can be used as the special emphasis indicator or a decimal point.
    The example 4347 brailled without the repeated number indicator could easily be read as 43-.47
    Repeating the number indicator after the special emphasis indicator makes it clear that dots 46 is not a decimal.

    I tried to include what the braille would look like but I am having difficulty making the braille appear correctly. Sorry.
    I hope this explanation helps.

    Susan Baker

    Thank you for your prompt and helpful reply. That cleared up my confusion.

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