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    Chris Clemens

    Right-Facing Keys
    In the guidelines, 5.8.3, there is an exception for placement of keys and graphics.
    If we need to place a long key on right-hand pages for a particular graphic, do we need to produce the rest of the braille volume in the same manner?
    In other words, do the underlined statements below apply to every graphic in a volume or do they apply only to the graphics which have long, multi-page keys? Is each illustration in a volume formatted independently?
    EXCEPTION: If one part of a tactile graphic requires more than one page for a key, the graphic would be placed on the left-hand page and the key on the following right-hand pages. [u]All of the graphic and key pages for one print graphic would then follow this format. All the key pages would appear on right-hand page(s) even though there may only be some parts with only one key page.[/u] Insert the heading on the graphic. It is not necessary to add the heading on any continued key pages.


    The exception in 5.8.3 is just that -- it is an exception that is applied to a particular print graphic. If a tactile has been split into layers of information with more then one key, and one of the keys takes more than one page, in such a case you apply the exception to all of the key pages in braille that are used to represent that particular print graphic. The rest of the braille volume would follow the usual practice of having a key page prior to the tactile graphic and bound as a facing page to the tactile graphic page.

    Betty Marshall
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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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