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    While reading the new Nemeth 2022 guidelines, I came across something of interest regarding 4.7.1:

    Running heads, running footers, page change indicators, box lines, note separation lines, page numbers, and column separation lines do not interrupt the effect of the Nemeth Code indicators. ...

    It brings up 2 questions:

    1) What are considered running footers in braille? I cannot find in any code book a definition of running footer for braille. Braille Formats defines "running footer" for print, but not for braille. To me, when we add something to line 25 (like with sequentially numbered tables or guide words) it is a running footer, albeit temporary. Could you please clarify if these are considered running footers?

    2) In Nemeth context, this "running footer" comes up in sequentially numbered tables changed to list format that span numerous pages. The technical material is throughout the table. Attached is a document with an example sequentially numbered table; no running head is used. Should Nemeth be closed prior to the repeated and centered table number on line 25 and reopened on the next page?

    I am posting to both the Braille Formats and Nemeth forums. Thank you for your insight,


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    I'm going to post this in both places you posted it.

    Running footers are similar to what a Running head is. Something that gives the reader location information but is outside the regular flow of text. Guide word text - letting the reader know what is on that page - is a running footer. The sequentially numbered table labels are, in fact, running footers.


    PS - this definition is found in Appendix F in Braille Formats:

    running footer: a word, phrase, or number that is repeated at the bottom of more than one print page


    Thank you, Cindi. I took the Appendix definition to apply only to physically printed pages since there is an image of a print page associated with the definition. I have learned that sometimes my interpretation is totally wrong and appreciate your clarification. (will reply in both forums)


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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