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    What is best format when a play shows side-by-side pages; left page shows the Original Text, the right page shows the same material in Modern Text. With notes on one side, I have used combined page numbers. Would you use same format in this situation?


    Hey Betsy! Hope you and yours are well.

    You have a couple of options here.  You could do them as two separate "books". Put the original text in one volume and the modern text in another. I'm assuming the point of this text is to compare the that option may not be the best for the reader.  You could put a TN on the TN page that says that the original text is on odd numbered print pages followed by the modern text on the next even page.  I do see the reason why you would use combined print page numbers - except for the fact that there would then be no indicator to show when the modern text starts (which is why I suggested the 2nd option above - you'd have the page change indicator to offset the two versions).  Do the notes apply only to one of the versions?  That would be another reason to use the "correct" print page numbers. There is, of course, no rule for this situation so you should just pick a way and then explain to the reader what you've done.

    Take Care



    Yes, there are some notes. Luckily, not very many. You are correct that they only occur in one of the versions ... the Modern text. The Original text doesn't have notes, but it is line numbered. 🙂

    Thanks for your suggestion. The PCI will be a good cue to note the in and out of the version, plus it will keep page numbering exactly as in print.

    Hanging in there. Crazy times, but formatting braille always seems to help me relax ... even line-numbered text and footnotes!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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