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    In a grade 7 math book (Nemeth in UEB), there is a section on counting red and black chips representing -1 and +1. There are print diagrams representing boards with groups of red and black chips for the student to count. The red and black chips also appear in tables where the student has to calculate answers and fill in blanks. Itemized questions with blanks to be filled in follow the table. Please see the attached for the print and my attempt at a solution for the tactile graphic as well as the table and questions.

    I have been using UEB transcriber-defined shape indicators for the red and black chips in the tactiles representing the chip boards since the Guidelines and Standards for TGs say that counting shapes can be represented by braille cells (G&S Counting symbols for grades 4 and up). I didn't think full braille cells and half braille cells worked because it's not representing whole and half items like a pictograph, and I didn't think actual circles would work because the chips appear in tables later and I thought braille symbols would work best in a table format. Would you agree that the transcriber-defined shapes is a good solution?

    My Nemeth question is regarding the shaded squares for answers to be filled in. They occur in both the table containing the red and black shapes and in the following problems. I think the table itself can be transcribed in UEB, because I don't believe anything in the table requires Nemeth. But the following problems must be in Nemeth. Is it OK to use the UEB shaded square in the table and the Nemeth shaded square in the problems?

    Thank you for any insight. I've been spinning in circles trying to figure out how to represent the chips and the squares.



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    Thank you for the question. Please accept our million apologies that we missed it at first.
    Yes, using the transcriber-defined shapes ⠈⠫⠗⠉ and ⠈⠫⠃⠉ for the red chips and black chips pictured in print seems reader-friendly and practical, because we can use a transcriber-defined shape in both UEB and Nemeth Code contexts, according to #5 under Basic Guidance on When to Switch in the Guidance for Transcription Using the Nemeth Code within UEB Contexts (Approved April 2018).
    For the table example you so beautifully shared, there is one question: Might it not be more clear to use a listed table format and repeat the column headings, especially where there are multiple things to be filled in within a single row?
    Regardless, it is alright to use in the table a UEB shape for the gray squares that indicate blanks to be filled and to use in the math expressions that follow the table a Nemeth shape for the gray squares that indicate blanks to be filled. This is because there is no meaning to the squares other than "something needs to go here." In other words, the student is not expected to take answers from the table and use them to complete the items after the table, so the gray squares do not need to have the same braille representation in both places.
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