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    Melissa Klepper

    Can someone please clarify some things in section 8.3 for us?

    In 8.3.1 a basic list is defined as a simple vertical list with 1/3 margins. In 8.3.5d it says not to divide a listed item between braille pages.

    We have encountered a bulleted list that spans over several print pages. See example below named "Bulleted list long." Is this "a simple vertical list"? It seems to be, by definition, but it doesn't appear to be simple at all. In some cases throughout this textbook, only a single bullet will fit on a braille page. Does the guideline 8.3.5d apply to this type of list? Does every single bullet need to be kept on the same braille page and never divided between pages?

    The other example I have provided is "Bulleted list short". Is this a simple list?  It appears to be, by definition. 8.3.5 states that a list "may" be divided between braille pages if necessary. This list will fit on a single page, but is it "necessary" to do that? Should we leave a considerable part of a braille page blank just to get this bullet list all on the same page? Sometimes the bullet lists such as this one are even longer and we would have to divide it between braille pages, but in this case we could technically fit it on a single braille page. Is the intent of this guideline to always keep it on the same page when it will fit? Then if it will not fit, divide it between braille pages but don't divide an item in the list.


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    8.3.5d has been removed from Braille Formats 2016 (or will be in the final version).  You can divide a list between braille pages.


    Melissa Klepper

    Thanks so much for clarifying!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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