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    Denise Jernagan

    Good morning,

    In transcribing Nemeth text that is discussing a Time-Domain Signal I have come across a few instances of a spaced sequence of numbers enclosed in brackets that due to the lack of a comma don't qualify as an enclosed list, and since the digits are not related can't be considered a partitioned number. I've attached a small example.

    I was going to Format these inside the nemeth switch indicators, omit the number indicators for the sequence of numbers enclosed in brackets, add continuation indicator when the entire sequence won't fit on the same line, and finally add a TN stating the omission of the numeric indicator.

    I cannot seem to find a rule that fits this.

    Thank you,



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    Lindy Walton


    Following Nemeth rules, each number that is preceded by a space needs a numeric indicator since this is not an enclosed list (by definition) nor is it a partitioned number. I do not recommend omitting the numeric indicators unless there are pages and pages of this notation.

    When following margins for displayed material starting in cell 7, none of the bracketed expressions will fit on one line. A runover will be necessary. Nemeth does not have a continuation indicator. That is a UEB symbol which, of course, cannot be used in Nemeth.

    Regarding line 8 of your simulated braille image, the equals sign should not be the only thing on this line. I have attached a transcription using the correct margins for "itemized with subdivisions" format (1-5, 3-5), and its displayed material (7-9). It also shows the recommended placement of the code switch indicators.

    Thank you for sending in this interesting problem.


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    Denise Jernagan

    Thank you.
    I appreciate your example.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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