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    Susan Baker

    Good morning,
    Let me first start by saying how helpful the Braille Formats 2011 guidelines are for formatting all kinds of print situations! I do have a specific question which was not quite covered. If you look at the attachment, I need to know where to place the spaced termination indicator following the graphic category. Do I place it on the same line as the end boxing line, or do I come down to the next line afterwards to put this? (I know this is math material, but for reference note placement, but I am posting it here because it is recommended to follow Formats for note placement).
    Thank you,

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    I think this is a Nemeth situation. Nemeth formatting has precedence over textbook formatting. Please post this over in Math, where you will be advised about relevant Nemeth formatting. THEN if there are formatting issues not covered in Nemeth, textbook guidelines take over. I am not familiar with anything referring to termination of a graphic indicator. I could be having a senior moment, or this could be a Nemeth thing. I know there is often overlap. Please ask at Math first, then come back if there's anything left for textbook to consider.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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