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    Chris Clemens

    When introducing abbreviations in an all Spanish language arts book should an TN explanation be included to let the student know that the letter is in superscript position?

    Would these be brailled the same way?

    Doctora) period before the superscript a and with the period directly under the superscript a

    (Da.) or (D.a and Da.)

    Chris Clemens

    I would ask to see this print page. I need to see what you see. See a description of the page is not seeing the page. Interim Manual Section 6.1 Foreign abbreviations is quite straightforward. Ignore the superscript, insert a period as directed in this rule. No TN is mentioned, so do not add a TN.



    I'm sorry. I don't have a page. I was just going over the rules and trying to understand why they say "Insert a period after the abbreviation whether or not one is shown in print" and "A period printed beneath a superscript must be brailled after the entire abbreviation". What is the difference in "after the abbreviation" and "after the entire abbreviation?" They seem to be saying the same thing to me. Doesn't the abbreviation include the superscript a? I wish there were examples to look at. That's why I asked if doctora with the period before the superscript a would be brailled the same way as doctora with the period under the superscript a.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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