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    How do I braille the numbers in Spanish for #10? I've attached the Spanish and the English versions. Spanish has a space while English uses a comma.


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    I think you are referring to 2,000 Hz in English and the 2 000 Hz in Spanish. This one is a little tricky. For the English, follow print and use the comma. For the Spanish, substitute a braille decimal (46)for the space and explain in a TN that the decimal is substituted for the blank space that separates number segments in Spanish. (Interim Manual Section 5.3e.) I realize this is Nemeth, but that usage shouldn't make any difference. Print number notation in foreign languages can vary a great deal in ways that may not be clear to the English-speaking print reader. This is why the transcriber merely states that the decimal is inserted to replace the space, referring to number segments. It is not the transcriber's responsibility to interpret those segments. Resist the temptation to explain that the space indicates a comma. We know that only because of the adjacent English notation. If this were only in Spanish, we could not be certain what that space means.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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