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    Anyone out there already created a UEB/Nemeth category of horizontal number lines symbols by braille order  & willing to share? Thanks, Trumbull

    I'm going with the question & answer from October 12, 2015, Subject: UEB Encap Nemeth

    Are we allowed, for ease of the reader, to list symbols for number lines construction, perimeter construction, Spanish alphabet symbols ect,. under category headings as opposed to braille order.

    Answer: Yes, I would say that’s a good idea…but I would only do it for very specialized symbols



    I'm afraid I do not know of any sample/example/template braille for Number Line symbols on a Special Symbols page.

    If you do find or create one, will you please share?

    I hope that all of your number lines go smoothly and well!



    Please see the attached document. It demonstrates what the BANA Math committee proposes for Special Symbols page listings in a Nemeth-in-UEB transcription with number lines.

    This reference was graciously provided by Cindi Laurent.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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