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    Guidelines and Standards for Tactile Graphics 6.5  lists information about Number Lines and Number Line Braille Symbols, which are to be included on a Special Symbols page.

    Since other Nemeth symbols are not included on the Special Symbols page and since we now use UEB, and the Number Line isn't part of UEB, I would like to see this information updated.  (Perhaps in the Guidance for Transcription Using the Nemeth Code within UEB Contexts?)

    How do we incorporate the number line symbols on the Special Symbols page?  We can't, can we?  The number line isn't part of the UEB code.   It's used with Nemeth but not written into the Nemeth code as it was developed sometime after 2000 and is actually part of the Guidelines and Standards of Braille Graphics.    So ... how does one braille the Number Line Braille Symbols page?

    Since it's not UEB, should we make a separate page as shown in the Guidelines and Standards of Braille Graphics  and use Nemeth indicators around before and after the parentheses?

    Please advise, thank you!






    Thank you for the question and for your thoughts.

    Although the Guidance for Nemeth Code within UEB  does not address this directly, it is practical and considerate to list number sign symbols on the Special Symbols Page. Please refer to the discussion in the Ask an Expert topic special symbols for horizontal number lines for more information about number line symbols on a Special Symbols Page, including an example document that shows number line symbols in a cell-5-headed portion of a Special Symbols Page.

    As in all Nemeth-within-UEB transcriptions, your Transcriber's Notes Page must include a note explaining that mathematical content is transcribed according to Nemeth Code (Braille Formats, 2016, section 2.6.1c).

    I hope that helps. Thank you again for your question. You are not the only one who has it I'm sure!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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