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    Chris Clemens

    In a statistics textbook on Multiple Regression, there are places where there are obvious computer programs and obvious Nemeth formulae.

    Then there are all the terms which are acronyms and which occur in embedded in text and also in displayed equations.
    Here are a few: (I'm using <sub> for subscript)

    ANOReg (analysis of regression)
    ANOVA (analysis of variance)
    Cov<sub>XZ (covariance between X and Z)
    CV<sub>W (conditional value of W)
    MR (multiple regression)
    WABOVE (W-CV<sub>W), where CV<sub>W = 1 standard deviation of W
    WBELOW (as above except -1 in place of 1)

    These terms occur in computer programs and also embedded and displayed expressions. Can I treat them as abbreviations (i.e., double caps in the case of ANOVA, and double caps with termination sign for ANOReg, and double caps with grade one translation for WABOVE and WBELOW)?
    Thanks, Martha

    Chris Clemens

    Since these are defined as acronyms, they would be treated as the abbreviations that they are, according to Nemeth Code Rule VIII

    Chris Clemens

    Just so I have this completely right, if I have expressions that use these acronyms as subscripts, I should treat them the same way, e.g,

    Z<sub>CV would be [simbraille],z;,,cv[/simbraille]

    Chris Clemens

    that is correct

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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