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    Lucas Timpe

    I have a question about superscript items that consists of several words. This transcription is in contracted braille, and there are several reference notes throughout. Some of the reference note indicators are superscripted phrases as shown in the example below. To inform the reader that the entire phrase is a superscripted item, I have enclosed the phrase in braille grouping indicators. My question is, what is the preferred method for the use of grade 1 mode. I think I’ve found the two most viable options, the first option would be to place the entire superscripted phrase in Grade 1, with the use of a grade 1 passage indicator and terminator. The second option would be to use a Grade 1 word indicator before the superscript indicator and opening braille grouping indicator, and then use a grade 1 symbol indicator before the closing braille grouping indicator. The second option would allow for the use of several contractions within the superscripted phrase, but I can’t seem to determine for sure if this is allowed within the UEB code. I’ve enclosed a simbraille snip of both options for clarity, any suggestions?

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    The second option you've shown is the preferred option. The use of contractions is always preferred for readers.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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