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    Mary Mosley

    We have a question concerning the 1<sup>st</sup> transcriber’s-defined print symbol as it’s listed on the symbols page or in a transcriber’s note.


    The note in §3.26 of the Rules of Unified English Braille, on page 38, states “In grade 2 braille, use grade 1 mode for the first transcriber-defined print symbol.”


    It’s our understanding that this note is simply informing the braillist that of the 7 transcriber’s-defined print symbols available, the 1<sup>st</sup> is the only one that requires a grade 1 mode indicator in general use since it has the same configuration as a contraction and could be misread where the other 6 would not since they are preceded by a prefix(es).


    Does this also apply to the symbols page or a transcriber’s note when it is preceded by the dot locator for mention?


    We ask this because with similar characters such as shapes and arrows it clearly states that they are listed on the symbols page “without any grade 1 indicators” while they may require the indicator when used in text to avoid being misread.


    Also, the note in §3.13 on page 29 states that a symbol preceded by the dot locator for “mention” does not have its normal effect on the following text.


    Our confusion came about because of the example given in Practice 11 on pages 38-39 of the Update To UEB, A Self-Directed Course to Update from English Braille American Edition to Unified English Braille where it shows the grade 1 mode indicator used in the symbols list along with the 1<sup>st</sup> print symbol indicator.  Of all the material we’ve acquired this is the only example we could find of the symbol listed in either a TN note or on a symbols page.


    Also, in the example in Practice 11 it shows the opening transcriber’s note indicator repeated before the second paragraph in the note. Is this a mistake or did they do it for a reason?


    Thank You.


    I cannot speak for the creators of the document you referenced...though I will check with someone I know about it.

    Here's what I know:  The grade 1 indicator is NOT part of the symbol and should not be shown in the special symbols list.

    The dot locator for mention is required preceding every symbol in a list.

    The transcriber's note indicator does not have to be repeated on subsequent paragraphs.  I'm not sure why it shows up like that...but again, I will check.  If I find out any "new" information, I will post again here.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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