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    Chris Clemens

    HELP... I am having trouble knowing when to keep them lined up or when not to.

    43. lined up in print
    44. not lined up in print
    45. x's or lined up but after = not lined up

    60. & 3. problem before = is lined up
    after = problem 60. not lined up
    problem 3. lined up

    9. lined up-S0 would you keep it lined up after greater than and less than w/line?


    You have quite a mix of systems. I would say that generally if the variables are lined up on the left of the equation, I would line up the systems even though it might be off a little on the right side of the comparison sign (line up by place value). #44 is definitely not aligned because you have x's and y's vertically arranged. In #45, even though the first variable in all three equations is aligned, the system itself is not. For #9, the variables, the solution, and the comparison signs are aligned in print, so I would align them in braille, even though the comparison sign in the second equation will take more space. You are not alone in being confused about whether to align or not.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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