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    I am transcribing a workbook for the ACT test. There are a lot of tables in the science section. I am wondering if blind students need the availability of the tables to be in table format rather than list format. The headings of the columns are wordy so they would need to have a key to be abbreviated so that the table would be vertical. They (I think) would need the columns presented this way so that they could make a determination about the relationships between variables. I don't know if I should be putting this much thought into it since my job is just to transcribe. I just don't know which would be easier for the student - having the abbreviated columns or having them listed repetitively.

    Chris Clemens

    Hi Susan,

    Checkout the video in our Webinars Archive called "Wide Tables" presented by Cindi Laurent on August 2, 2019. You'll find it in the Braille Formats/Textbooks webinars. That webinar should provide all the answers you're looking for on this particular question.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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