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    Chris Clemens

    Please see the attached document for examples and specific questions from one of our transcribers. He would like verification on whether to apply Rule II, Section 17 when the letter headings are on each row rather than each column.
    Also, the transcriber has a question about the preferred method for transcribing statements about equations presented to a student.

    Thank you!

    Marie Amerson
    Georgia Braille Transcribers

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    Chris Clemens

    The numeric indicator must be used in the table you show. The statement about headings applies only to column headings -- the row headings are considered entries in the body of the table. If, however, you have to switch columns and rows because there is not room for the columns across the braille line, then the letters would become column headings and the numeric indicator would not be required. If you must use guide dots, then the numeric indicator would have to be used.

    As to the comments following the steps of the solution, I simply follow the equation with the comment on the same line. If the statement didn't fit on the line, it would runover in the correct runover position for the equation. In the simbraille below, the full cells represent empty spaces. I couldn't make it do empty spaces.
    [braille]w+32+w .k #40 ,write equ,n4 ,if "! 7 m1
    ==x wd runov] 9 cell #3_4
    [braille]#2w+32 .k #40 ,-b9e l t]ms4
    [braille]#2w .k #8 ,subtract #32 f ea* side4

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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