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    Taylor Goldhardt
    I have some worksheets that were made by the teacher in Microsoft Word. In some files, the teacher used * for multiplication and / for division.
    Quick version: Should I follow print or use correct braille symbols when the teacher used a "substitute" math symbol? It makes more sense to me to use the correct symbol (unless print discusses the use of alternate symbols). Or should I use NBA's Ask an Expert feature to decide?
    Long version: In print, the symbols are similar enough that these are common substitutes for the proper symbols (which are not on the QWERTY keyboard). In braille, the symbols that represent * and {multiplication dot or cross} are more different than in print. Same with division and the / symbol. My question is, should I use the proper mathematical sign (to convey the obvious intent), or should I use the braille equivalent of the symbol used in print? It seems to me that the symbol choice is simply due to lack of knowledge or patience with Inserting Symbols. There is some Braille precedence for this, where they talk about using the multiplication cross versus an x (good example) or using the correct hyphen, dash, or minus sign regardless of actual print length (less useful example).
    Taylor Goldhardt

    Further information: this is NOT the midline asterisk. It is the same print symbol used to indicate a note. (So the comment on Page 31 from "UEB Technical - Algebra and Geometry - Basic" November 20, 2020 does not apply as written.)

    Also, this symbol only occurs when used in a teacher's key (showing the answer as the student might write it).



    Thank you for your question.

    3.5.1 in the updated Section 3 for Guidelines for Technical Material says, "Use the braille asterisk to represent the print midline asterisk used as a sign of operation in mathematics. It is generally brailled unspaced." (emphasis added) So, I can see why you would interpret that to mean that we might not follow print for use of the not-midline asterisk.

    Nonetheless, Rules of UEB 3.3.1 says, "Follow print for the use of the asterisk, dagger and double dagger, regardless of meaning."

    So, following print would go along with the braille rules we have.

    I even suspect that following print would accurately reflect the intent of the print material since the not-midline asterisk occurs only when used in a teacher's key and a "multiplication, times [cross]" (×) or dot is used in the student's content of the book.

    I would apply the same thought process to the use of the forward slash (/) in the teacher's key while the student's content of the book has "division, divided by [horizontal line dotted above and below]" (÷) or the curved or straight line used in print to denote division.



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