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    Cynthia Mahaffey

    We have two questions, The first has to do with the word in.  If this word ends a sentence where Bold closes after the period, is it contracted or uncontracted?

    When there are sections of sentences in bold that refer to notes at the end of the page and the punctuation does not appear in the note below and is difficult to tell if it is included in the bold in the text, do you bold that punctuation or terminate before the punctuation.

    In the example, look at "Likewise." and lip-read.   The period does not appear to be in bold in the text for lip-read. Is it best to put it in bold or terminate before?

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    For your first question:  since the bold terminator has an upper dot, the 'in' contraction can be used.  See 10.5.3 on page 115...there is an example of -in and the contraction for 'in' is used.  Keep in mind that the 'in' contraction has special rules regarding this that other lower cell signs do not have.

    For your second question: to me it is obvious that in Likewise, the period and quotation mark are included in the I would terminate after.  For lip-read, it appears to me that the period is NOT included in the bold, so I would terminate before.  UEB says to follow print - and if you can't tell if the punctuation is included or not, pick a way and be consistent.  In the attached example, you should follow print.


    Cynthia Mahaffey

    Thanks so much, Cindi!  Cindy


    I would have thought to apply the following rule to lip-read.

    9.7.3 For better readability, ignore a change in typeform for closing punctuation when a typeform word indicator is used.

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    Cynthia Mahaffey

    That was probably not the best example now that I look at it.  Most of the time when this is a question is when it is a typeform passage indicator that has to be terminated and the punctuation is not shown in bold.

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