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    Lucas Timpe

    When the print title has a footnote attached to it on the cover of the book and also on the inside cover title page, where do we place the note in Braille? This situation is not covered under Section 16.1.5—placement of notes in Braille. Nor is it covered in Section 2.3—Title pages.
    Should the note be placed on the Supplemental Title Page, and if so should it be the first thing on the page or the last thing on the page with the note separation line before it in either case?
    There is a Library of Congress Control Number instead of a Print History number as well (not included in the attachment). Should this be placed in the order on the title page where the Print History number would be? Or should the Library of Congress Control Number be ignored as there is no rule to govern it? If the Library of Congress Control Number is treated as the Print History, do we still place the statement on the supplemental title page about the Print History?
    I have included as an attachment examples of the title page and possible solutions to it's transcription to better help you visualze what I see.
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    This is very interesting! I agree with the formatting of the footnote. Formats places the reference at the end of the print page, but of course the braille title page is not a print page. So you have placed the reference at the end of the title page. I think that's a fine solution. A comment about the reference indicator symbol--if the asterisk is the ONLY type of reference mark used in the text, just the base indicator, 2356, 2356 is used. It is not necessary to show that it is an asterisk. And in that case it is identified simply as a reference indicator. See Formats 16.3.1

    Your print sample does not include this Control Number so I can't see what it is. Formats discusses ONLY printing history and also requires the information about the printing history to be on the second title page. So if you're sure this control number is not the printing history under a different name, you can either omit it entirely or determine if the agency requires it. And if you're sure this is not actually the printing history, do not include that note about printing history.

    My final comment concerns the material on the second title page. You have additional information about the publisher that I believe belongs on the main title page. Also, I don't think the officers of the publishing company are included in any case. The information about the publisher segment of the title page does not seem to include such information.

    Consultants are included only if directed by the agency. And I think all the other personnel you have listed such as the editorial, project management and technology editorial information are not generally included at all. Of course if you have been specifically directed by the agency to include all this, then certainly do so.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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