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    Christina Conroy

    I am transcribing a table (in stairstep format) that requires there to be TNs that describe the pictures in some of the cells of the table.  Some of the TNs are longer than 7 words. Should the longer TNs be blocked to the margin of the column it's in, or should it be an adjusted 7-5? For example, in the fourth column of the table there is a picture that needs to be described in a TN, followed by words in the same cell of the table. The words would start in cell 7 of the braille. Should the TN that describes the picture be blocked in 7, or should it be in 14-12? Thanks!


    My first thought is that the stairstep format might not be the best option because of the TN's.  TN's are always 7-5 unless they are embedded within the text.  The fact that the TN would potentially confuse a reader as to what "step" of the table they are in leads me to say that another of the wide table options would likely be a better fit.  If you want to send me a picture of the table, I am happy to suggest a different way to present it in braille.


    Christina Conroy

    I had thought to do a stairstep originally, and my editor agreed. But she might not have realized the need for TNs in describing the various cells in the table.

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    Christina Conroy

    It's probably also worth noting that this table is not for students to use to do exercises, or anything like that. It's a set of examples of the development stages of a small child. So it's illustrative of what children can do as they develop. So describing the pictures would not be revealing too much information for the student at which this text is aimed (college-level psychology).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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